5 Steps to Living a Passion Driven Life 


I have struggled my entire life with whether I should have a career I love, or a career I think is appropriate/socially acceptable. I know many people struggle with this decision because it’s not easy going after something that sets your soul on fire. In fact, it’s a lot harder than it may seem. I finally made the decision to dive head first into a life that brings me so much passion and has forever changed my path, and my life. 

I must admit, this was an extremely tough decision. Before I took a big leap of faith in the direction I wanted, I dreamed of a life where I wasn’t bored, unfulfilled, mindlessly working, and spending most of my days in an office. I wanted more. I wanted to change the world. I wanted to make a difference in people's lives. I wanted to spend my days creating, dreaming, helping, and working on projects that meant something to me. I wanted to spend my days doing things on my terms, creating my vision, and watching my life blossom into what I had always dreamed of. Although these dreams were very apparent, I was terrified to make this big change. 

I spent countless nights laying in bed contemplating the pros and cons of both scenarios. I spent nights tossing and turning because I wasn’t happy in my current situation, but I was scared to make a change. I had so many fears that were keeping me paralyzed in a life that I didn’t want to be living. I feared what others would think, not being able to support myself, being criticized by friends/family, and more than anything, failure. 

I imagine most of you have had similar fears. I know it’s not easy pulling the trigger to live a passion driven life. If you want to live a life you love and are terrified to take the plunge, here are a few tips that helped me tremendously with my decision. These tips helped me surrender to my dreams and go after the life I wanted with full force. 

1. Trust Your Intuition

Trusting my intuition is the entire reason I am where I am today. I felt this deep inner knowing that I needed to be doing something else. I surrendered to this internal guidance and knew that the force that made me was guiding me in a different direction. I decided to fully trust this guidance and when I made the decision to follow my intuition, everything fell into place. 

2. Let Go of the Outcome and Be Open to New Ideas

My entire vision for my life is completely different now than when I started my passion based career. I made a conscious decision to work towards my goals, yet be open to new things and let go of expectations. I decided to “grow” with the flow and be fully open to new possibilities, projects, collaborative opportunities, etc. This flow state mentality has led me down a completely different path, which I fully love and support. It’s not exactly where I thought I would be, but it’s exactly where I need to be. When you let go of the outcome, you allow the universe to bring new opportunities your way. They may even be better than you expected in the first place. 

3. Work on Your Mindset

I know this is all the craze these days, but mindset changes everything. When you allow yourself to be open to changing your mindset to positive thoughts, you allow yourself to drown out your negative internal voice (and the negative voice of others). When you work on your mindset, you realize anything is possible and life is a mirror for you to see. What you think is reflected back to you. When you focus on positive mindset shifts, you will see the beautiful positive things occurring in your life. It’s remarkable and so helpful if you want to live a life based on passions and dreams. Not everything will go as planned, but when you put positive mindset practices into your life, the hard times become much easier to deal with. 

4. Make Decisions On Your Own

When you long for a life that is full of passion and focused on what you love, you must learn to make decisions based on your wants and desires, not those of others. I spent most of my life listening to the voices of what other people thought I should be doing, and I missed out on things I actually wanted. I did get feedback from multiple people before taking the plunge, but I also took this feedback with a grain of salt. I made my own decision, based on my own desires, based on my vision for my life. It’s important to realize everyone else will have an opinion about your life also. Allow yourself to be open to feedback, but make the decision that is best for you.

5. Commit to Never Give Up

I wasn’t expecting my passion based career to be so hard and challenging. I also wasn’t expecting it to be so rewarding. I made a firm commitment to not give up, and this commitment kept me pushing forward during the hard days. Some ideas worked and other didn’t, some days were really hard and some days were amazing, sometimes I wanted to quit and go back to a "normal" job. This commitment to myself got me through hard days and helped me focus on creating a life I desire. 

I’m not saying this is for everyone. I am not saying everyone should quit their jobs and follow their passions. What I am saying is that I hope you have enough self-love to fully visualize the life you want. I hope you make a commitment to yourself to dream big, see life on your terms, and adjust your life accordingly. It’s easy to get stuck in the rut of daily life. It’s easy to see years go by and wish you were doing something different. 

There is no time like the now to make a change and even a small change towards something you love could drastically change your life. Commit to loving yourself enough to realize what you desire, and go after it like your life depends on it.