I really love self-love. I love how much it has changed my life and the lives of so many people in the world. I realize it is one of those ambiguous concepts, but it feels pretty relevant in our culture right now. So with all this self-love hype, what does self-love really mean?

First off, self-love has many different meanings. Understand that self-love is different for everyone, but there are some concepts that are universal to us all. 

Self-love means believing in yourself. It means understanding that your past does not define your future. It means letting go of the person you think you should be, while embracing who you are. It means loving your quirks, weirdness, and uniqueness. It means finding love within yourself because external factors will never fill you up completely. Self-love means leaving behind the opinions of other people, so that you can learn to listen to your own inner voice. It means going after what you want in your life because you believe you are worth it. It means surrounding yourself with people who love you for who you truly are, versus being with people who like you for who you aren’t. It means finding compassion for your feelings, emotions, and vulnerability. Self-love means becoming who you were meant to be from the start, and understanding your gifts were given to you for a reason. 

I know that is a lot of information, but self-love means so many different things it’s hard not to include them all. I believe self-love can have an incredibly beautiful impact on your life if you are willing to step into this way of being. So, why is self-love so important? 

Because when you live from a place of self-love everything changes. Your life will become more in alignment with your soul. When self-love is at the forefront of your life, you will be able to increasingly discover your truth and what you were made to do on this planet. When you embrace self-love, you realize you are the creator of your destiny. This concept will help you follow your internal compass, pointing you in the direction of your desires and dreams.

I understand this might be a little out there, this might be a little bizarre for some people to hear. I also understand that the impact self-love has had on my life is beyond words. It has helped me to let go of fear while embracing my dreams. It has helped me to quit a job that wasn’t serving me, to help others believe in themselves. It has helped me release negative relationships because I finally started to believe I deserve better. It has made me stop hiding behind normal behavior, to allow the world to see the real me. The me who loves to help people. The me who loves to create. The me who loves to embrace the unknown, because this really means stepping forward into the familiar territory of my being.  

I cannot say what self-love will do to your life. I can, however, say it will be a journey you will never forget, and one you will never regret. It seems to me that becoming your own best friend really is the key to happiness. You will, after all, spend your entire life with yourself. Make the relationship you have with yourself one of your biggest priorities, because it is the longest and most important relationship you will ever have.